South Indian superstar Mohanlal thrills Aussie Malayalees

South Indian superstar Mohanlal thrills Aussie Malayalees

Sathyam Events and VIP Events World are promoting renowned Indian actor Mohanlal to Sydney on his first tour of Australia.

The 58-year-old visited the Harbour City on June 9 and was joined by 25 other esteemed actors, singers, dancers, comedians and musicians from Mollywood at Quay Centre in Sydney Olympic Park.

Sathyaraj Veetil from Sathyam Events said the Pathanamthitta-born actor is one of the most popular the industry has ever produced.

“He’s the highest paid actor, the biggest star and the box office ruler of the Malayalam movie industry over the last forty years,” he said.

Mohanlal boasts an impressive career spanning over 40 years and has featured in more than 300 films in various languages other than Malayalam, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

He also starred in Pulimurugan, the first Malayalam film to reach a profit of ₹100 crores, and was the star in 2002 internationally acclaimed Bollywood movie, Company, that reached ₹68 crores.

Mohanlal has also been the recipient of a number of awards, including five national film awards, nine Kerala film awards, and the fourth highest Indian civilian award, the Padma Shri.

“We waited for the community in Australia to grow, and now we have reached a stage where there are enough people in the community across the country that they can afford to see Mohanlal,” Sathyaraj explained.

Not only does this growth in the community mean more stars like Mohanlal will visit Australia, but there has also been a greater demand in the need for money transfer services.

Since the last census, the Malayalee community has doubled in Australia, with around 50,000 people recorded across the country.

“I know a lot of people in the community, including me, who use companies like WorldRemit to send money to India for our parents and other family members,” Sathyaraj said.

“Especially when there’s a big festival going on and we physically can’t be there, we instead send money over to make up for it.”

WorldRemit customers are able to send secure and instant bank transfers to friends and family in India, from their mobile phone, computer or tablet, after the service last year partnered with one of India’s largest private sector banks, YESBANK.

Not only is maintaining a global connection important to the Malayalee diaspora, they also seek to learn more about the film industry through the eyes of Brisbane-based reviewer of Asian films, Corrie Hinschen.

Corrie was invited to Sydney after his YouTube channel gained traction in recent years, with many of his videos giving his viewers insight into various Asian films from around the world.

“I’ve discovered a lot about other cultures just by watching movies, and because we live in a multicultural society, it’s a good way to dip your feet in the water and get a taste of people from around the world,” Corrie said.

Since first watching the highly successful 2013 film Dhrishyam, Mohanlal has been Corrie’s favourite Malayalam film actor and he was excited to see the legend in person.

President of the Sydney Malayalee Association and Vice President of the United Indian Associations Babu Varghese said he was honoured to be a leader in the community at a time when Mohanlal decided to come to Sydney.

“On behalf of the Indian communities in Sydney and around Australia, in particular the Malayalee, Tamil, Telugu communities, we were proud to welcome Mohanlal on his first tour of Australia,” he said.

As part of the show, Mohanlal treated his audiences to many fan favourites including a dance to Kudamulla Poovinum from the film Jwala, and a rendition of Narumugaiye from Iruvar.

Anisha Mistry

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