Sydney’s Samoa Day 2018 to bring together Pacific nations

Sydney’s Samoa Day 2018 to bring together Pacific nations

An important celebration of the nation’s independence from the Commonwealth, Sydney’s Samoa Day 2018 event will bring together a number of Pacific nations in a celebration of culture.

Public officer from the FONO Samoa New South Wales Incorporated, the organising organisation of the event, Leaufa’amulia Asenati Lole-Taylor, said the day will feature showcases in the form of food, music and dance.

“This is an opportunity for us to all come together and share in our knowledge and our embracing and love of who we are,” Ms Lole-Taylor said.

“We want to develop better relationships with other Pacific Island nations given the similarities in our word, our culture, our dance, our food, and this is a way of making sure that we respect and recognise each other’s customs and cultural upbringings.”

She also said the event plays a significant role in demonstrating the role Samoan peoples can make to the Australian economy.

“We would like to think we can help other people in the Australian community to understand, as well as offer our experiences and knowledge, to facilitate or deliver some of the programs that will help the wider society of Australia,” she said.

As part of the celebrations and to improve representation of Pacific food in Australia, there will also be food stalls where festival-goers can experience and taste the food from the region.

“It’s an opportunity for us to reflect and recognise the work and hard efforts by our ancestors who made independence happen so many years ago,” Ms Lole-Taylor said.

Samoa Day 2018 will take place on 11 June from 7am-6pm at Liverpool’s Whitlam Leisure Centre.

Anisha Mistry

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