Thai-Australian playwright Anchuli Felicia King to feature at OzAsia Talks 2020

Anchuli Felicia King

Thai-Australian playwright Anchuli Felicia King to feature at OzAsia Talks 2020

This October, OzAsia Festival is presenting an online talks series, featuring an exciting line-up of Asian Australian artists and creative professionals. The speakers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines, including theatre, music and visual arts.

Hosted and organised by OzAsia Festival Artistic Director Annette Shun Wah, the event will also include live performances and virtual workshops.

Anchuli Felicia King, a Thai-Australian playwright whose work has been produced internationally, will feature as one of the panellists this year. King is especially excited to be a part of the conversation around Australia’s relationship with Asia and the cultural connections that exist between Asian Australians.

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Anchuli Felicia King

King discovered her passion for the arts very early in life, and spent much of her childhood experimenting creatively – be it writing songs or screenplays – with her identical twin sister. Later on, she developed a strong love for theatre, as it allowed her the freedom to nurture different skills within the one art form.

King moved around a lot as a child – growing up in Thailand, the Philippines and later, Australia. As an adult, she has worked in London, New York and Melbourne.

Being immersed in diverse expat communities around the world has provided her with rich inspiration for her theatre plays, which explore themes of globalisation, digitisation and cultural values.

“Like many third-culture kids, I have always experienced cultural liminality, where I don’t quite fit into any one culture, but I am the result of a multiplicity of cultures. I think that space of liminality is where I write from,” King explained.

“I really like exploring people and characters who find themselves between worlds – whether those are digital and analogue worlds – or are caught between competing cultures or values.”


Anchuli Felicia King

Last year, King made her international playwriting debut with her play White Pearl (pictured above).

As the play toured in Australia, the UK and the USA, King was able to observe the interesting ways in which different cultural nuances influenced unique readings and interpretations of her work.

Given that the play explores the hegemony of the English language, King found it very rewarding to see the play performed in three English-speaking countries.

“Each cast and group of creatives interpreted the play quite differently. I think that’s a testament to how live and permeable theatre is as an art form.”

Moving forward, King will be doing a virtual benefit reading of her play Keene with the Red Bull Theatre in New York.

OzAsia Talks will kick off on October 20th, and go until November 3rd. To find out how you can tune in, click HERE.

If you’d like to learn more about Anchuli Felicia King, you can visit her website HERE.

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