The group sharing a love of Greek art and culture for nearly half a century


The group sharing a love of Greek art and culture for nearly half a century

The Greek Australian Cultural League of Melbourne (GACL) was formed in 1970 by a group of people who wanted to share their common passion for Greek literature and culture.

With the members maintaining these same passions to this day, the GACL has proven to be a significant part of the Greek community in Melbourne for nearly 50 years.


President of GACL Mrs Cathy Alexopolous OAM has been involved with the organisation for over two decades and said the league was created as a meeting hub for people to wanting to retain their language and culture.

“They wanted to have a meeting ground of sharing their ideas, stories, poems,” she said.

They also wanted to promote and foster their talents in a world that had no Greek foundations in the area.


Proving to still attract members with the same cultural drive, Art Projects and Exhibition Co-ordinator Stella Papas joined the GACL because it opens channels connecting literature, art and culture within the Greek community.

“I was born in Melbourne to Greek parents and whilst having lived in Greece and Asia for a number of years, the GACL has given me the opportunity to maintain my connection with my heritage and my roots in the multicultural world of Melbourne and Australia,” she explained.

“There is amazing interest from Greek-Australians and the broader multicultural community with the activities undertaken by the League.

It enables the expression of our heritage, our language, our culture and customs to be further explored in a more open and multicultural atmosphere.

Recognising the growing interest from people outside the Greek community, the GACL has organised an art exhibition themed, ‘destinations’.

The exhibition will showcase various artistic interpretations of the theme, by artists of many multicultural backgrounds and will feature at Melbourne’s Step Gallery from October 16 – 21, 2018.


The GACL has also successfully organised the group art exhibition Antipodean Palette since 2011, and they were also awarded the Medal for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs & Meritorious Service to the Community by the Victorian government in 2006.

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Anisha Mistry

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