Experiences with home isolation this year have had a great impact on Australians all over the country. From a positive perspective, it has inspired people to read more, take up new hobbies and become more creative in the kitchen.

The need to have more meals prepared for more people was especially relevant for Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, founder of Foodie Trails. It was within Himanshi’s own kitchen that the Spice Experience Gift Box was conceived.

Consisting of 15 single-origin spices, the gift box comes with a customised recipe book by international author and food historian Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, as well as online masterclasses detailing the spices, their origins, their travels, their health benefits and how to use and prepare them in your everyday cooking.

“A little spice can change the flavour and the origin of your dish. It can transform your meal from Africa to India or to Asia,” Himanshi says.

“With some basic understanding of how to use spices, suddenly the meals from your kitchen have endless possibilities. The Spice Experience box gives you this.” 

Himanshi says that it was important to demonstrate how these spices can be used for those who are not comfortable with them. Spices can be found in cultural dishes from all over the world, so she says it is important to have a good understanding of how they can be used in unique and versatile ways.

An example of the versatility of spices is demonstrated in mustard seeds. Cultures all over the world have different ways of interpreting this spice, from American mustard to French Dijon mustard.

“A deeper understanding of spices gives us an appreciation of their flavours and how they can be adapted to various cuisines,” says Himanshi.

“Spices are the foundation of any cultural food knowledge.”

Himanshi’s vision with the gift box was to have anyone be able to go into their kitchen pantry, look at the selection of spices and be able to work those spices into their cooking with the ingredients they already have available.

With her food background and Indian heritage, Himanshi is aware of how spices can change the composition of a dish and make it seem overly complex.

However, with the spice experience gift box Himanshi wants to emphasise the simplicity of cooking when it is based around familiar and appreciated ingredients.

Click the link to find out more about the Spice Experience Gift Box and how you can get your own: https://www.foodietrails.com.au/spicebox