Producing high-quality pastel de nata, or Portuguese tarts is in Diogo Ferreira owner of Tuga Pastries’ blood. Diogo’s father, Gus was a pastry chef and would regularly bake these delicious & buttery delights.

Diogo’s parents Gus and Lucia, migrated to Australia in 1985, bringing with them Portuguese tradition, culture and cuisine such as the Portuguese tart.

“I grew up in the kitchen. My father was a pastry chef, so he was always in the kitchen baking, and I was there helping” Diogo said.



In 1994 Gus opened his first Portuguese cake shop located at Bondi Beach, where he sold his Portuguese Tarts. These flaky pastries with sweet, cinnamon-dusted custard centres are staple in Portugal, a traditional that Gus Ferreira wanted to share with the Bondi community.

Each one of Gus’s Portuguese Tarts were hand-made and followed the same secret and beloved recipe.

After Gus’s passing, Diogo wanted to honour his father’s memory by continuing to recreate his father’s Portuguese Tart recipe and sell them to the public.

“No way am I a pastry chef, but I worked out that if I wanted to create my father’s recipe, I had to do it myself, so I spent six months perfecting the recipe until it tasted the same as my father’s.” Diogo said.

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Located at Clovelly Road, Tuga Pastries is only open for wholesale during the week, but come Friday through Sunday 7am-3pm, their doors are open to the public to indulge in its phenomenal treats.

“It started off with just me in a kitchen, but once I had perfected my father’s recipe, I had to hire more people. There’s just too much business for me to handle by myself,” Diogo said.


Despite only being a small café, Tuga Pastries, has made quite a name for itself in Clovelly, with the public often queuing for a taste of their Portuguese Tarts.

Gus Ferreira and his wife Lucia, migrated to Australia in 1985, and through his love of baking shared traditional Portuguese cuisine with the Australian community. After his passing his son, Diogo, carried on his legacy with the help from his mother.

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