Turbans 4 Australia: From our community to yours during COVID-19

Turbans 4 Australia

Turbans 4 Australia: From our community to yours during COVID-19

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Since their start in 2015, the Sikh men and women of ‘Turbans 4 Australia’ have never been far from the front line of Australia’s disasters and crisis’.

Driven by their Sikh faith and core values of selfless service to the community, the group is focused on not only providing meals and care packages for those in need throughout Australia, but also teaching others about their community and faith.

Founder, Amar Singh, hopes to dispel the fear and uncertainty that is sometimes associated with their community based on peoples misconception of their ethnicity and faith, with some labelling them as terrorists.

Their regular ‘Turban Fest’ events provide that opportunity for conversation, inter-faith dialogue and sharing their faith and traditions with all Australians.

From tying turbans on peoples heads to showcasing traditional Bhangra dance performances, the organisation works hard to spread acceptance and to show Australians that they have nothing to fear from their long beards and turbans.

Photo obtained from Turbans 4 Australia Website

Founder, Amar Singh, says:

By forming connections with people from all walks of life, we're breaking down the barriers of fear and misunderstanding while following the core Sikh values of equality, respect and service to humanity.

From providing meals for the firies and those displaced during the Australian bushfire crisis, to their community outreach during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Turbans 4 Australia’ are a true example of selfless service.

Donating groceries, Easter eggs and cooking meals for the disabled, elderly and those in isolation has been the community’s main focus recently, with their outreach expanding across Australia. 

It is through their charity work that they hope to promote a higher level of tolerance and acceptance in the wider Australian community. 

“I wanted Australians to see Sikhs as people they could trust and turn to in times of need,” founder Amar Singh said.

Photo obtained from T4A – Turbans 4 Australia Facebook page

Operating across the country, ‘Turbans 4 Australia’ is a non-profit organisation and therefore is reliant on donations and volunteers and as more calls come in from those struggling during this ongoing pandemic the organisation asks for patience, understanding and continued support.

To learn more about the organisation & how to reach out or donate, click HERE.

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