¡Una fiesta! Mexican Independence Day at Two Wolves Community Cantina

Mexican Independence Day

¡Una fiesta! Mexican Independence Day at Two Wolves Community Cantina

Get ready, because Sydney’s Two Wolves Community Cantina is hosting their first Mexican Independence Party on September 15, 2019.

They have been working closely with suppliers, sponsors, and organisations such as the Sydney Collective for the past few months to create an authentic Mexican experience.

Hector Glower, the restaurant manager, promises an affordable night with $5 drinks and promotions for ticket holders.

There will also be a market of imported Mexican products in the laneway from 11am until the evening. Hector hopes people will arrive early to check out the market in the laneway and interact with the community.

People can come hang out and take home some pieces of Mexico. There are lots of prizes and lots of tequila bottles to give away.

Mexican Independence Day is a celebration of the end of the Spanish occupation in 1810 and is a joyous occasion in Mexico, marked by parades, concerts and parties.

Two Wolves Community Cantina is a part of the Cardoner project – a social enterprise that gives back to overseas communities. Volunteers travel to teach English in schools and work with families to build houses and support communities predominately within the Jesuit Schools Network.

Hector explains that the hundreds of volunteers really hold the restaurant together and that “it’s a place where young people come to hang out, and to have fun”.

The food is 100 percent Mexican and will include dishes such as:

  • Esquites
  • Tacos de Suadero/Pastor/Lengua
  • Pozole
  • Chicharrón
  • Tostadas
  • Ponche con piquete
The highlight for me would be seeing everyone enjoy themselves. I want them to feel as if they are in a party in Mexico.

Some of the promotions include: $5 drinks, your third drink free and metal coffee mugs as a momento, and there will also be prizes to be won including a two-day holiday.

Event Details
WHEN: Sunday September 15, 5pm to 12pm
WHERE: Two Wolves Community Cantina, 202 Broadway, Chippendale, Sydney, 2008
COST: $30-40
MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/the-two-wolves-community-cantina/mexican-independence-day-party/379534542656164/

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