Unmasked African Festival fosters unity in Adelaide

Unmasked African Festival fosters unity in Adelaide

Representing over 35 African communities in South Australia, the Unmasked African Festival is an annual event organised by the peak body African Communities Council of South Australia (ACSA).

The first event was held in 2002 in the South Parklands of Adelaide and works to foster unity and promote understanding, tolerance and harmony among people from African background and the mainstream Australian Community.

Since the first event, various members of the South Australian-African community in catering, business, performing arts, filmmaking, community coordination and marketing have improved their engagement with the wider Australian public.

The festival has six aims they aspire to achieve each year, including being a platform for African-Australians to share their stories, strengthening community involvement and assimilation, and to combat prejudice and racism.

Anisha Mistry

As the Editor of CulturalPulse, Anisha is passionate about listening to, writing and sharing stories of Australia's multicultural achievement. Got a story to tell? Get in touch: [email protected]