World Supremacy Battlegrounds: Australia’s largest dance competition is back

World Supremacy Battlegrounds: Australia’s largest dance competition is back

World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB), the biggest international hip hop and street dance festival in Australia, will once again be held across the country this winter.

Competitors will perform in Sydney on July 13, with delegates from around the world competing for $15,000 cash and prizes, gold medals and an opportunity to take part in future tours.

Since kicking off 16 years ago, WSB has hit six continents, with thousands of dancers said to have participated over the years.

It’s very street, it’s very raw – that’s why people get excited about it.

“We have a lot break dancers and urban hip hop dancers that participate because it’s a good vibe,” Marco Selorio, Director of WSB, said.

There are lot of other exciting events coming from WSB this year, including a championship happening in October 2019, where two American hip hop dance icons will be in attendance.

The audience and performers can expect to see renowned dance choreographer Buddha Stretch, as well as Dave Scott, the movie choreographer for Step Up and other big dance films.

“They’re looking to spot some new talent, and we’re using WSB as a platform to give a lot of kids a chance to be discovered,” Selorio said.

It's also a good networking opportunity for choreographers who are looking to show off their skills to the rest of the world.

The competition sees diverse competitors, and with Selorio being a prominent Filipino-Australian community member himself, he said Filipinos often share a passion for dance like no other.

“Dance has become life for a lot of these Filipinos, where they see a chance to thrive and master a craft where it can take them overseas,” he says.

“It’s just a way of life; they live, breathe, and sleep dance.”

This year, new competing crews have been created by some well-known choreographers, including one of the Justice Crew members, Kookies N Kream, and champions from the TV show Dance Boss.

On the judging side will be New Zealand dancer Lance Savali, who’s touring Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane with Selorio.

“We tapped into him so that the dancers can literally see what they could be; so he’s like a role model,” Selorio says.

“The dancers can communicate with this guy and really learn from him.”

While Australia has been the principal home to WSB, next year Selorio and his team are planning to launch the WSB Asia championships.

“It’s amazing to be able to be given the opportunity to offer them this platform, and they embrace it and then use that to fuel their dreams, and for me that’s probably the highlight – seeing those kids transform from just a kid or a teenager, to become their own high profile super stars,” says Selorio.

Another exciting project in the pipeline is a dance film that WSB is planning for next year.

They’ve partnered with film director Nick Scott, and are currently in the process of writing the script.


WHEN: July 13, 2019
WHERE: Sydney Olympic Park

Central Coast
WHEN: July 14, 2019
WHERE: Central Coast Adventist School

WHEN: July 20, 2019
WHERE: Erindale Theatre

WHEN: July 27, 2019
WHERE: Kennedy Baptist College in Murdoch

For more information about the events, visit the World Supremacy Battlegrounds website here.

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